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   “Richard took about 20 to 30 minutes to disassemble and reassemble my garbage disposal and get a mangled dime out of it. We have used Richard many times in the past. He is always on time, does a thorough job, his prices are fair and he always cleans up after himself. He is great at explaining all the options available so that I can make an informed decision.”

   “I called Dick and several other plumbers to give me an estimate on running a gas line for the installation of a gas fireplace. Problems developed immediately with my first plumber who wanted to reevaluate and rebid the job. I saw trouble and called Dick back. He also reevaluated the job, but actually gave me a price lower than his original because he ran a gas pipe over a shorter distance than originally proposed. It was also important to me that Dick wanted to use solid pipe to run the gas line, rather than flexible pipe that the first plumber was planning to use. The installation of the gas fireplace unit by Anderson Fireplace was continuously rescheduled and took their crew 3-4 visits. Dick was very flexible and worked around the unpredictability - making the whole process run more smoothly. In the end, I found Dick to be extremely conscientious about the quality and safety of his work. His pricing was very fair and honest. He always showed up when he said he would and changed his schedule when it helped me out. During the process, he performed a couple of minor plumbing repairs that had nothing to do with the fireplace. I had never used his services before, but he will become my regular plumber from now on. Dick was great. I highly recommend him.”

   “Dick Osenton and his staff were great. The job was removing a shower and installing hookups for a washer and dryer. The bid was competitive. The work proceeded in a timely fashion. I got daily calls from Dick to update progress. Most impressive: my confusion over forward payments and statements resulted in an overpayment. Dick called me up, told me his bookkeeper had caught the mistake, and within a week or so a check for $1600 was in my possession. This was a stunning example of uncommon honesty and when combined with the excellent service gives Dick and his staff my highest recommendation.”

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